Mini IVF in Turkey

Mini IVF stands for a gentler approach towards in vitro fertilization. Traditional IVF uses fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries into producing a large number of eggs for collection.

Mini cycles of in vitro fertilization use fertility drugs to encourage the body to produce fewer eggs of a higher quality.

This translates into minimal ovarian stimulation, aiming for 3-8 eggs of the very best quality your body can produce (which are the ones to give you best chance of a baby). This is generally achieved with oral medications, commonly the drug Clomid is used, instead of long regimens of daily injections.

Once the eggs have been collected, the treatment cycle for Mini IVF is identical to traditional IVF with ICSI commonly used to increase the success rates of fertilization.

Advantages of Mini IVF

The result is a shorter treatment cycle, with less discomfort, less risk of side effects and very good results. Mini-IVF offers an alternative to couples who find it difficult to finance a full cycle of IVF.

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