Natural Cycle IVF with ICSI in Turkey

Natural cycle IVF utilizes the IVF method without the usually prescribed ovary-stimulating fertility drugs.

Natural cycle IVF treatment in Turkey relies on the fertilization of the single egg released by a woman during her regular ovulation period. The body’s natural ovulation process is used according to the woman’s natural menstrual cycle, which is monitored by ultrasound.

When the egg is about to ripen, it is removed with a catheter as in the egg collection stage of other IVF procedures. The egg is then combined with the collected sperm by method of ICSI, where a single sperm is injected into the cytoplasm of the egg.

Advantages of Natural Cycle IVF

Some consider natural cycle IVF with ICSI advantageous over fertility drug-assisted IVF because the side effects associated with the medications are avoided.  In addition, the treatment can be done repeatedly in consecutive months, whereas with regular IVF the patient is advised to wait 3 months before undergoing treatment again.  Natural cycle IVF is also less costly as fertility drugs need not be purchased.

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