What is IVF with sperm donation?

Many couples are not able to have children due to male infertility problems, related to the quality of sperm or a low sperm count.

IVF with Sperm Donation is an alternative method for such couples struggling with male-factor infertility.

Selecting a Sperm Donor

Couples can use the sperm of someone they know or a donor whom the couple has selected carefully with the help of a fertility specialist.

Couples can also use donor sperm from a sperm bank. The fertility clinic will select the donor sperm to match the physical characteristics of the male partner, such as height, hair texture, eye and skin color and ethnicity.

Sperm donors undergo a rigorous screening process and are tested for infectious diseases, mental disorders, genetic diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. Sperm banks keep records of the emotional and intellectual traits of donors to ensure the recipient couple is matched with a suitable donor.

Fertilization and Insemination

After the egg collection procedure, donor sperm is used to fertilize the eggs using the ICSI method of fertilization. Successful embryos will then be implanted into the uterus within 1-5 days. Embryo transfer is performed using a catheter.


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